Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Yipee, we are off to Loch Rannoch

Holiday time again. I remember going to Loch Rannoch last year. I had a huge balcony, so I could watch everyone going past, chase the birds and look at the water.

This year the weather was much hotter so we did much more.
I spotted some funny looking creature that they call a sheep, so
I barked at him from my balcony so that he new who was in charge

Of course keeping watch is tiring work so I needed to find a comfy spot to keep watch from....
Can’t stop too long though, mountains to climb…. 

  I even found Rob Roy's cave on the
Relaxation time also had to be scheduled so occasionally I would take time to sit with my friend, Bracken in the shade with a cool bowl of water (and hopefully a treat from the BBQ) 

and then someone decided that I would be a lot cooler in the water and decided to test my swimming skills in the Loch!! (it was a little scary but I can swim!!!!).


  1. Hi again, I was wondering what was happening in your life!! Good to see you are getting out and about, I'm glad you told that sheep who is the boss - I do that at my fence A LOT!

    I've never tried to swim yet - they tell me it should just happen and that I know how but I just don't know that yet??!!

    Tail Wuggles, Rubie.

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